Tips to Get You Started On Your Yoga Journey

When to return to yoga after pregnancy has always been an issue for most women. It is not advisable for any mother to resume her usual fitness regime just a few weeks after birth. The Kardashians have a way of making this look cool, but in real sense, it’s far from that. While some mothers find it difficult to shed a few kilos after birth, most of them don’t consider this a problem. Their bodies go back to normal within a considerable amount of time.

Yoga after pregnancy, when done correctly, can have a significant physical impact. How to go about it? These few tips will help you get back on track after nine long months of carrying that little bundle of joy.

1. Wrap Up Your Belly

Immediately after the first post-partum shower, wrap a postnatal wrap or corset around your belly. This will adjust the stability of the internal organs, as well as clamp down the uterus. It will support the lower back as well and get your confidence in check. How long you should wear this is entirely up to you. The longer your belly is wrapped, the higher the benefits. Ideally, you should have it on for the first 4-5 weeks.

2. Ease up
Take this tip seriously. Whichever way you can, just rest. You could take the first 2-3 weeks or so to bond with your baby. This will give you peace of mind and relaxation like no other. Aside from that, also take this time to take care of yourself in all ways possible. What you eat really matters. Have equal amounts of iron supplements and vitamins. Take in lots of water to keep your body hydrated at all times. When your baby takes a shut-eye, you could do the same.

3. Take Regular Walks
Within the first few days or weeks after pregnancy, take a walk at specific times of the day. Taking walks in the mornings will enable you to relax while taking in the sun’s Vitamin D. You could also opt to do this with your baby in a baby sling. The postnatal wrap should support your lower back and hold your core so as to retain stretched muscles and ligaments.

Benefits of Yoga after Pregnancy

1. Speeds up the recovery process

Gentle yoga helps to relieve the lower back pain that comes along with carrying a baby for nine months. It also comforts the strained muscles of the arms, back, legs, shoulders, and hips.

2. Improves posture
Pregnancy can have adverse effects on a woman’s posture. The spine’s posture may be deformed by activities such as nursing, lifting and carrying the baby. Regular yoga, both before and after pregnancy, improves posture as it relieves stiff joints by opening up the chest and shoulder.

3. Improves Endurance
Weakness after childbirth is normal in every mother. Physical weakness is expressed in the lack of stamina and endurance. New mothers complain of chronic fatigue, muscle and joint aches and excessive tiredness. Yoga assists in the improvement of core strength, stretching the muscles and improving the endurance levels. This will ensure the new mothers have an enjoyable new phase of life and above all, a healthy body.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Considering losing weight but lacking the motivation? There are many great incentives to slim down: Leaner people are known to experience greater health, happiness and longevity. Let’s look at some important reasons to consider setting weight loss goals this year.

Losing weight helps improve your self-image.

Not only will your body look great, but with your new muscle tone and improved health, you will be able to move more freely and physically achieve much more in your daily life. The greatest reward of all, though, is the sense of empowerment you will get from reaching a weight loss goal. Success breeds more success, and your new accomplishment will set you up for further triumphs in life.

Shedding a few pounds certainly makes you look and feel great. But aside from the immediate benefits, there are several urgent medical reasons why you should lose weight now.

Losing weight can save your life by decreasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and deadly kidney failure.

Research has shown time and again that obesity or overweight is a major contributor to early illness and death. Fat does not confine itself to cellulite and double chins it surrounds your organs and circulates in your blood as your body tries to rid itself of it, causing lasting damage and destruction. Losing a few pounds can add many years of function to your organs, and your life.

Even if being overweight doesn’t kill you, it damages your body in many small ways that decrease your quality of life. Excess weight could be at the root of your joint pain, sleeplessness, weak lungs, allergies, recurrent infections and crippling mental disorders such as depression and dementia. If you suffer from any of these problems, chances are they will improve as soon as you drop the extra weight, and if you don’t have them, your risk of developing them in the future will be reduced.

Obesity makes pregnancy and giving birth more dangerous.

Supporting and nourishing a growing baby adds even more demands on your already strained body, so it is hardly surprising that obese mothers have significantly more birth complications than their lean counterparts. If you’re planning on starting a family, you might want to start off with a healthy diet and exercise program.

There are so many reasons to start losing weight straight away. Why not make the New Year another excuse and put weight loss at the top of your list of resolutions? Prepare yourself for health, happiness and longevity in one package. What do you have to lose? Only weight!