Top Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Considering losing weight but lacking the motivation? There are many great incentives to slim down: leaner people are known to experience greater health, happiness and longevity. Let’s look at some important reasons to consider setting weight loss goals this year.

Losing weight helps improve your self-image.

Not only will your body look great, but with your new muscle tone and improved health, you will be able to move more freely and physically achieve much more in your daily life. The greatest reward of all, though, is the sense of empowerment you will get from reaching a weight loss goal. Success breeds more success, and your new accomplishment will set you up for further triumphs in life.

Shedding a few pounds certainly makes you look and feel great. But aside from the immediate benefits, the yoga burn review explains that there are several urgent medical reasons why you should lose weight now.

Losing weight can save your life by decreasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and deadly kidney failure.

Research has shown time and again that obesity or overweight is a major contributor to early illness and death. Fat does not confine itself to cellulite and double chins it surrounds your organs and circulates in your blood as your body tries to rid itself of it, causing lasting damage and destruction. Losing a few pounds can add many years of function to your organs, and your life.

Even if being overweight doesn’t kill you, it damages your body in many small ways that decrease your quality of life. Excess weight could be at the root of your joint pain, sleeplessness, weak lungs, allergies, recurrent infections and crippling mental disorders such as depression and dementia. If you suffer from any of these problems, chances are they will improve as soon as you drop the extra weight, and if you don’t have them, your risk of developing them in the future will be reduced.

Obesity makes pregnancy and giving birth more dangerous.

Supporting and nourishing a growing baby adds even more demands on your already strained body, so it is hardly surprising that obese mothers have significantly more birth complications than their lean counterparts. If you’re planning on starting a family, you might want to start off with a healthy diet and exercise program.

There are so many reasons to start losing weight straight away. Why not make the New Year another excuse and put weight loss at the top of your list of resolutions? Prepare yourself for health, happiness and longevity in one package. What do you have to lose? Only weight!


All you need to know about prepping

A prepper is a word that is used to describe someone who believes an emergency or a catastrophic disaster is likely to happen in the foreseeable future and therefore starts making active preparation for it. They will read survival guides like the lost ways review, to help them get started.


What kind of disasters do preppers prepare for?

Generally, preppers are prepared for all kinds of disasters, including uncontrollable events as well as natural disasters. In fact they can survive longer than other people because they possess the necessary skills as well as knowledge necessary to survive in case of a disaster. Preppers truly believe they have a duty to protect their loved ones every time their lives are in danger.

Preppers are therefore well equipped to deal with all kinds of disasters, including earthquakes, economic collapse, hurricanes, fire, and floods, among others. When the weather conditions worsen or other disasters that can lead to scarcity of resources, they are well equipped to sustain their families. Preppers are known to have the ability to adopt to adverse conditions, and also provide their families with security and safety during perilous situations. To be well equipped for this role, they ensure there is enough food, supplies, as well as water for their loved to survive should any kind of disaster strikes.

What makes people to choose to become preppers?

There are so many reasons why some people choose to become preppers. Some of them include the following:

-The fear that grocery stores will ruin out of supplies should a disaster strike

The reasoning behind this argument emanates from the fact that if grocery shops run out of supply, each person will be responsible for finding his or her own food. This is why preppers stock food items and other supplies. In addition, finding clean water could also be a big problem and this makes it very necessary to store enough of it. Other important supplies, including first aid supplies could also be problematic to obtain.

-Lack of adequate disaster preparedness on the part of the government

It is a well-known fact no government on earth can adequately take care of all its citizens in times of disaster. This does not mean governments do not prepare for disasters; they actually do, but the sheer scale of certain disasters such as earthquakes makes it impossible for the government agents to reach everyone. For this reason, preppers find it necessary to be well prepared for such kinds of eventualities.

-Economic collapse

There is also a possibility that a country’s economy may collapse because of factors beyond the control of governments, including war. For instance, if an event like the Great Depression happens to occur, millions of people could face untold hardships.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, it is good to conclude that preppers have a very valid point of view. This is because disasters can occur when least expected and for this reason, it is important to always remain prepared.


Things to consider to get a girlfriend

You may have tried countless times but the puzzle of “how to get a girlfriend” still bothers you. Well, it’s not that hard guys as you might think and it is really quite simple when you follow some of this awesome tips found in the his secret obsession book by James Bauer.

  • Be passionate about something

Guys, there is nothing women like more than a man who is ambitious about something. It shows them that you have drive and not somebody who is lazy with no life goals. So don’t go on about how much your job sucks or how unmotivated you are to do something because it’s not sexy and very unattractive.

  • Stop taking women on cheap dates

When I’m talking about cheap, I mean the kind of dates that only revolve around booze and sex. This are especially unattractive and only signal you are not ready for a commitment. Take time to scout nice romantic spots and trust me, she will surely appreciate the effort of a guy demonstrating interest.

  • Do not be too needy

If you are the type of dude that confess quickly their love or send emoji filled texts to her inbox endlessly, you seriously need to stop. Desperation is a huge turn off for girls as they hate the idea of them being the center of your life. Show interest coupled with suspense to leave her anxious and craving for more.

  • Thou shall be confident

Guys, this probably the most important commandment you could follow. Men with self-image issues are a huge turn-off for chicks. No girl wants to hear how much your life sucks or much you need reassurance on your value. Be confident about your self-worth and portray that to women and they will be all over you.

  • Chase love in the right places

Hey, I am not saying you stop hitting the club or your favorite bar but if you are constantly getting flakey numbers and one-night stands, it may be time to change tact. Ask yourself where you would meet that ideal girl and start going to those places. It may be a bookstore, a group or an evening class and by putting yourself out there, you might just find your Juliet.

  • Commitment

To say the truth, most guys shy away from commitment as they picture it to be this big scary task. Well, it is and that’s exactly why you should man up as it will demonstrate that you are actually serious about her as she is about you. Stop being defensive or pretending you are not looking for a relationship when in truth, you are. Be honest with yourself and you won’t scare her off being your girlfriend.

Lastly dudes, don’t forget to do the obvious stuff. Dress well, brush your teeth, spray deodorant, etc. First impressions go a long way in getting a girlfriend and you don’t want to scare chicks with your smelly armpits and bad breath. Guys, getting a girlfriend is really easy only if you put your mind to changing the little things that cost you in the first place.