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Troubleshooting water leakage in the kitchen.

Repair of leaks under the sink

A leak under the sink can be very annoying and irritating over the days. Fortunately, it is very easy to repair any water leakage yourself. However, it is necessary to have the right tools and to know how to locate the origin of the flow. Here are the good repair methods for under-sink leaks:

  • Turn off the water at home immediately

In the event of a water leak, action must be taken as soon as possible to avoid serious water damage in the kitchen. In order to find the source of the leak, the water supply circuit must be disconnected. That is, turn off the tap under the sink.

  • Perform the repair

Leaks under a sink can come from the piping, the tightness of the faucet, or a defective part. Depending on the origin of the leak, it is necessary:

  • Tighten the connection bolts
  • check the operating condition of the seals
  • if the gasket is embedded, change it immediately
  • Specialized in water leakage repair for kitchen and water leakage repair for Paris 18eme kitchen, our plumber can offer a high quality and very reliable service.

Troubleshooting leakage from sink tap

It’s infuriating a sink faucet that drips into the kitchen every day. This is a fairly common problem that can happen to anyone. Be aware that a leaky sink faucet can cause considerable water waste. The leaky sink faucet problem may be due to deteriorated seals, which requires immediate replacement.

To do this, it is necessary to have the right tools to dismantle the valve and replace the defective seal in accordance with the rules of the art. Our kitchen water leak repair team is able to travel urgently to your home. They can help you in all circumstances, thanks to their know-how and experience in the field.

Repair of leakage siphon sink sink kitchen

The sink siphon plays an essential role in the evacuation of waste water into the pipes. It is therefore inevitable that the siphon will leak over the years due to certain chemicals. As soon as you notice an unusual water flow on your kitchen tile, you should consider quickly repairing the sink siphon leak.

Therefore, we recommend that you be properly equipped to disassemble the siphon in order to replace the worn or descaled seal. To do this, it is enough to have a certain manual dexterity and a perfect knowledge of the sink. Our company provides you with a water leakage repair service for the kitchen. Our technicians are able to move as quickly as possible to repair any leakage in the sink siphon under favourable conditions.

Repair of water leakage from washing machine

The washing machine is composed of waste water drains. But, the accumulation of scale and rust tend to create water leaks from washing machines. If you are facing these kinds of difficulties, the first thing to consider is to determine the exact source of the leak so that it can be properly sealed. Then, you need to be equipped with the best tools to replace leaking pipes or valve seals.

It is very important to choose the materials according to the type of leakage washing machine. Our craftsmen plumbers have all the necessary knowledge to carry out a water leakage repair in the kitchen. The latter can repair any water leakage washing machine in accordance with quality standards, thanks to their professionalism and experience in the field. Our convenience stores are also able to give you advice on how to solve any washing machine failure.

Zero waste kitchen: tips to achieve this

Rule number one, less frequent supermarkets, where products are generally overpacked to meet marketing dictates. Even if we have not yet tested the “Plastic Attack” type operations – demonstrations during which consumers leave unnecessary packaging in stores to raise awareness – we forget about plastic bags, and equip ourselves with baskets, tote bags or shopping carts, and skip the individual portions that produce huge quantities of waste. We will therefore favour, as soon as possible, bulk purchases: we will find more and more in specialized grocery stores where we come with our containers, and even distributors in supermarkets, to buy rice, almonds, muesli, pasta or cakes, allowing us to buy just the right quantity. The clever idea? Use thin bags of fabric (made with old cloths, recycled dustbags or bought in organic shops) of small size, which allow you to forget the packaging and store directly in your closet or refrigerator. The latter, moreover, is a reference point for hidden food, then thrown away as outdated. A sorting is necessary: do we really need so many different mustards or yoghurts with all flavours?

Cooking Without A Garbage Can

Every year, 20 kilos of food products are thrown away per person, including nearly 7 kilos of food still packaged… The parade? Cook more and choose the convenience of ready meals less often. We can also buy less and more often, taking into account what is left instead of filling our closets and refrigerators to the brim and blind. We will therefore choose seasonal foods Рmore mature and therefore tastier Рand as organic as possible to be able to recycle the peels. In this case, some of them can be used to make a broth in which you can slide chicken carcass, fish trimmings or shells of crustaceans. And of course, the use cycle is extended to the maximum: faded vegetables will end up in soups, overripe or partially damaged fruit in compotes that can be sterilized or frozen. We slide the leftovers of vegetables but also of meat, fish or cheese into salty or gratin pies, we make French toast, croutons or breadcrumbs with stale or hard bread, coconut or meringues rocks with unused egg whites, crumble or cheesecake dough with crumbled dry cookies, a banana bread with overripe bananas, an omelette with excess rice or pasta…

Is inspiration running out? Let’s download the Frigo Magic app! It offers simple and easily adaptable recipes based on the ingredients you have in stock. And if time or desire is lacking to embark on culinary feats, you can use Too Good to Go or OptiMiam to collect unsold items (at a discount) from restaurants and food shops near you every day. Finally, if you order dishes to be delivered, you ask not to have plastic cutlery or disposable chopsticks. It’s always that way!