Do you dream of your own home?

How you can make your dream come true, avoid mistakes and save money at the same time

You can make a lot of mistakes when building a house

… or you do everything right and even save money – if you ask yourself the right questions.

Should I build or buy? Who builds my house for me? How much time do I have to plan for it? How much does building a house cost and what funding options are there?

With our guide we accompany you step by step on your way to your own home, so that your dream house does not have to remain a dream.

Building a house – getting a child – planting a tree

Admittedly, this proverb comes from a somewhat dusty role model of the man. But there is still a reason for existence, for it describes the beginning of new stages in life, which for many are essential goals in life.

The last two points you prefer to do yourself – but we can help you with building your own house.

There is a lot to consider, mistakes to avoid and lots of questions. We provide you with answers, information, checklists and valuable tips for your building project.

The fundamental question: build or buy?

The way to your own four walls is paved with decisions, sometimes small things, sometimes trend-setting. The very first question is often the same: Should I build or buy a house?

To answer this question, you essentially have to ask yourself two more questions:

  • How would I like to live?
  • What can I afford?

For those who want to live in the city centre, the question of buying or building is often superfluous. Central building plots in popular cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne are extremely rare or extremely expensive.

In more rural regions or on the outskirts of cities, the situation looks different in the truest sense of the word: Both land and existing properties are for sale. So there is still a lot to choose from, because there are many possibilities.

How do I find the perfect house to buy?

The answer is as simple as it is unsatisfactory: not at all.

A house purchase always means compromises and concessions. Anyone who has been dreaming of owning their own home for years and has very precise ideas about it will always have a problem with an existing property. There is no such thing as a dream house that is perfect down to the last corner.

So you have to take what the market has to offer. Structural changes are basically possible, but always only within a limited framework. A load-bearing wall cannot simply be torn down, a laundry chute cannot simply be installed in the cellar. And without a chimney there is no chimney.

The more details deviate from the personal dream house, the more difficult logically the purchase decision is: Perhaps one finds still another more suitable house?

No more searching – I’ll build it myself!

If you decide to build a house, you have much more freedom in designing and realising your own ideas. This starts with the choice of the plot and extends to the architecture, energy concept as well as the size and orientation of the rooms and the overall property.

Of course, certain restrictions also apply to house construction, such as building regulations or specifications of the prefabricated house provider. In principle, however, it is possible to hold on: Only financial limits stand in the way of free development.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of building and buying?
It is often said that the advantages of a new building are always “bought” at higher costs. With comparable size, location and equipment, this is usually the case.

A new building meets modern standards and is ready to move into top condition – but of course that has its price. In addition, when looking for an existing property, you may well come across bargains that are sold well below their actual value.

Building a house, on the other hand, is seldom cheaper than planned – on the contrary: construction delays and inadequate work often increase the financial burden. In the worst case, the whole project has to be stopped right in the middle and you are in front of the proverbial pile of broken glass.