Things to consider to get a girlfriend

You may have tried countless times but the puzzle of “how to get a girlfriend” still bothers you. Well, it’s not that hard guys as you might think and it is really quite simple when you follow some of this awesome tips found in the his secret obsession book by James Bauer.

  • Be passionate about something

Guys, there is nothing women like more than a man who is ambitious about something. It shows them that you have drive and not somebody who is lazy with no life goals. So don’t go on about how much your job sucks or how unmotivated you are to do something because it’s not sexy and very unattractive.

  • Stop taking women on cheap dates

When I’m talking about cheap, I mean the kind of dates that only revolve around booze and sex. This are especially unattractive and only signal you are not ready for a commitment. Take time to scout nice romantic spots and trust me, she will surely appreciate the effort of a guy demonstrating interest.

  • Do not be too needy

If you are the type of dude that confess quickly their love or send emoji filled texts to her inbox endlessly, you seriously need to stop. Desperation is a huge turn off for girls as they hate the idea of them being the center of your life. Show interest coupled with suspense to leave her anxious and craving for more.

  • Thou shall be confident

Guys, this probably the most important commandment you could follow. Men with self-image issues are a huge turn-off for chicks. No girl wants to hear how much your life sucks or much you need reassurance on your value. Be confident about your self-worth and portray that to women and they will be all over you.

  • Chase love in the right places

Hey, I am not saying you stop hitting the club or your favorite bar but if you are constantly getting flakey numbers and one-night stands, it may be time to change tact. Ask yourself where you would meet that ideal girl and start going to those places. It may be a bookstore, a group or an evening class and by putting yourself out there, you might just find your Juliet.

  • Commitment

To say the truth, most guys shy away from commitment as they picture it to be this big scary task. Well, it is and that’s exactly why you should man up as it will demonstrate that you are actually serious about her as she is about you. Stop being defensive or pretending you are not looking for a relationship when in truth, you are. Be honest with yourself and you won’t scare her off being your girlfriend.

Lastly dudes, don’t forget to do the obvious stuff. Dress well, brush your teeth, spray deodorant, etc. First impressions go a long way in getting a girlfriend and you don’t want to scare chicks with your smelly armpits and bad breath. Guys, getting a girlfriend is really easy only if you put your mind to changing the little things that cost you in the first place.