Here you can see, feel and experience the kitchen. We don’t just show you kitchens in our catalogue: in our large kitchen exhibition we show you breathtakingly beautiful kitchen ambience that could soon find a place in your home.

In our spacious kitchen exhibition we show you the latest kitchen models from the leading brands in every price segment. Get ideas and suggestions, find out about current kitchen trends or directly find the kitchen that will soon be in your home. Our friendly kitchen consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Live better with kitchens from Under My Helmet

The Under My Helmet is an owner-managed family business that has established itself well at its location on Brenscheder Strasse in Bochum.

In 1995 Peter Weinz and his wife Manuela opened the Under My Helmet at Brenscheder Stra├če 72 in Bochum. The family-owned company quickly gained a good reputation, and soon Peter Weinz expanded his offices and showrooms.

On around 150 square metres, the Under My Helmet shows what is special. As a trained master carpenter, the boss of the house makes everything possible.

It’s easy to chat over a good cup of coffee. Especially when the customer advice and the quality of the products are right. Master carpenter Peter Weinz has made both his top priorities. And he always has a good cup of coffee.

If life is to be beautiful for a long time and if you feel comfortable in your new kitchen, it depends on how well your new kitchen is adapted to your individual requirements. Of course, the requirements of today, as well as those of tomorrow.

We can help you with our kitchens, because our kitchens meet all desired requirements, even the DIN standard.

Through our joint planning, we will ensure that nothing is lacking in equipment and that everything becomes much easier for you.

Comfort kitchen means:

  • less bending down due to full pull-outs
  • less running due to optimal planning
  • less lifting due to mobile kitchen cabinets and elements such as up-and-down mobile worktops and wall units


Master carpenter Brian Peter and his team will find a solution for every problem – competent and for every budget. Old kitchens can be perfectly converted and supplemented with new kitchen furniture.

The repair of kitchen furniture has become a speciality. Whether the door squeaks, the drawer jams, a burn mark or water damage, the specialist solves every problem. Of course, the replacement of defective electrical appliances is just as little a problem as the replacement of the sink. Of course, the move with the existing kitchen with the necessary rescheduling and procurement of additional parts also belongs in this area. Also by replacing the worktop, the optical change of the kitchen is almost like new. New kitchens are available in all styles, colours, materials and price ranges. The same applies to electrical appliances.

After the theory comes the practice – and also here the expert is at work. On request, the Under My Helmet coordinates everything that belongs to a new kitchen. The family business cooperates with well-known specialist companies in Bochum and supplies not only the kitchen furniture, but also the painter, plumber and tiler.

Would you now like a new kitchen? The Under My Helmet is open: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm, Saturday by appointment only, Sunday closed.

Your Under My Helmet team is looking forward to your visit.