12 Secrets to Getting a Flat Stomach

Let me share with you below a list of tips to lose stomach fat.

1. Drinking excessive alcohol with no exercise is silly. Instead, maintain consistent work-out program even as you drink.

2. Stress is poisonous to this crucial quest. You must keep stress at bay to ensure that your level of cortisol remains low. This hormone enhances weight gain. It is the last hormone you need in your body at the moment.

3. Eliminate trans fats but keep good fats in your diet: Often we assume that to lose weight, the fastest way is avoiding fat intake. This is a misconception. The truth is that not all fats are harmful. There are fats that your body requires to ensure efficient metabolism, temperature regulation and cushioning of delicate organs, among other reasons. Harmful fats like trans fats must however be eliminated completely!

4. Eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin C: This essential vitamin regulates the cortisal hormone levels in your body. I need not remind you of its role in boosting your immune system. One major role it carries out that helps in weight loss is enhancing the metabolism of fats. Some of the foods you can try out are chili / pepper, kiwi the fruit, citrus fruits and kales.bells

5. Eat a balanced diet of both omega 3 and 6 fats: Omega 6 fats are abundant in vegetable oils, while omega 3 fats are found richly in wild meat and fish. The reason why you ought to take this point into consideration is because; omega 3, which most people ignore enhances insulin production.

6. Consume plenty of probiotics: These useful bacteria usually exist in your gastro-intestinal tract. However, other sources include dairy yogurt. These very important bacteria help in ensuring that you have a healthy gut. Boosting their levels in your body will give you a healthy digestive tract, hence better health.

7. Get rid of processed foods 100% from your diet

8. Exercise: I almost got you there! Yes, lots of exercise! There are two sets of exercises you have to do:

a) Exercises for your abdomen: Raise your legs about 20 times a day. Repeat the same two more days in a week. Then, plank your body by holding it on your elbows in a push up position. Repeat this after every 30 – 60 seconds, four times a day. Also to be done three times a week.

b) Exercises for your whole body: Do pull ups, push-ups, lunges 15 times a day, three times a week. After every exercise, skip a rope for a minute or so. Alternatively, try yoga for a less vigorous workout. Every work-out session should burn 500 -600 of your calories. Great!

9. Do away with salt: Sodium found in salt increases your body’s ability to retain water. You do not want that to happen especially as you need to know how to lose belly fat.

10. Hydrochloric acid is necessary: Take more supplements of HCl to increase the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients in your stomach.

11. Deep rest is best: Ghrelin hormone is released when you are exhausted. It is sadly, a hormone that stimulates hunger. Get enough rest each time you feel the need to, if you want to lose that fat tummy.

12. Green iced tea does the trick: The study conducted and whose findings were recorded in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that drinking 4 cups of this tea helps in the loss of up to 3kg within 2 months. The mechanism of operation is based on increased metabolism.